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Outsiders – A Movie With No Script!

“Outsiders was my feature film that was a total disaster. It was filmed in a UK forest in 8 hours and eventually, the only hard drive that had all the files was damaged and the film was lost forever” says Hank. That was back in 2015, now we’re preparing to bring it back to life, but this time with some tweaks. There will be no script, well no script as per se.

We have what we call a “battle plan”, a list of scenes that we want to film. That moves a story in the direction we want. That’s all. There’s no dialogue written whatsoever and all of the lines and actions will be improvised on set by actors while filming. That might sound like a recipe for a disaster, but we think we can make a great little movie there and set an example for independent filmmaking community that a movie that looks and feels like a movie can be done with little cost and resources.

The story is about two friends and a stranger that they meet while hiking in a remote forest in the UK. It’s a thriller with elements of suspense. In short, Outsiders is a serious film that is shot in not so much serious way.

Production takes place in mid-September and we plan to release the film by early October. For more info and behind the scenes check out Hank’s YouTube channel. (HankOrionVlogs)

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