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Honey And Wine Is A Film About Moving On

Adam Morse Honey And Wine
Adam Morse as Steve

Steve’s boring… So, so boring! He’s also a workaholic. But according to Steve and his work mates, his life is exciting. Oh… okay, let’s just say he’s boring. To be fair though, Steve’s wife, Sara, thinks of him this way: “He’s a bloody boring husband and father, even when he’s not home, which is most of the time.” So Sara found herself a new stallion, didn’t tell Steve, but blabbed it around town. So while Steve is about to land a multi-million dollar deal, Sara decides it’s time to divorce him. After they talk, Steve decides to end his life, in the bath with a razor, but a nosy door-to- door drug dealer leaves the business card of a unique escort service.

Needing a woman friend, Steve calls and orders the services of the pink-haired woman pictured. She’s the most expensive escort, but Steve doesn’t care. Soon enough, pink- haired Amanda is at his hotel room, ready to take him for a ride… not to serve him with sex, but true friendship, hilarious romance and the courage to go on living and finding life after divorce. In return, Steve gives Amanda something that will change her life as well.

Steve, who is stuck in a corporate loophole, while a business trip he meets Amanda, an escort worker that has more to her than just the look, the drive and the sexuality.

Alina Gavare Honey And Winea
Elina Gavare as Amanda

Starring Adam Morse as Steve and Elina Gavare as Amanda. Featuring Babs Doodkorte, Jenna Kerns, Sonya Seva and Clive Coen.

Original screenplay by Hank Orion, co-written with Doug Rawdon. Inspired by real-life events and experiences. The film explores the possibilities of what if, what if you had a choice, what if you could do something else with your life, what if you could explore your dreams and fantasies.

Original screenplay was completed in early 2018. In 2019 Hank brought Doug Rawdon, South Carolina based screenwriter and novelist for rewrites. Within a few months final screenplay was locked, the film was cast and production green-lit for early 2020. Then, virus outbreak happened. Then the film industry came to a standstill worldwide. We had to postpone the production once again, which lead to numerous cast members leaving the project. Currently film is scheduled to start principal photography on September 18th, 2020.

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